Interactive Digital Signage Software

Interactive digital signage software is easy to use cloud-based digital signage software for creating and managing digital signage. Even with limited it experience can edit, update and manage digital signage screens. This software is SaaS-based, doesn’t need servers or technical IT setup.

Digital signage software is simple, secure and cost-efficient. It is the most secured and trusted system for retail. Real-time tracker on what's playing on each screen. It works on all types of LED Tv and video walls, it can easily scale up to 1 to 10,000 screens overnight.It is a user-friendly and customisable interface.

It informs the audience, displays images, animations, videos to increase brand awareness or promote your products. As static posters near changes content to oppose it digital signage gives the opportunity to change content constantly. It reaches to customers by personalising their content. Use RFID sensors to detect customers who downloaded your app. It can deliver targeted messages at the point of decision where no other advertising technology could do. This will advantage retailers and similar businesses.

Play4deal interactive digital signage android software is designed in layers from a single image, video campaign up to multiple images, videos, scrolling static text, slideshows, weather, clock, RSS feeds and more are customisable. It also includes social media widgets such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube, games, polls, Interactive Kiosk Solutions touchscreen and website integrations for creating an environment of live streams and engaging.

Digital signage software supports PNG, JPEG, JPG, PPT, Mp4 videos and more. These widgets are easy to implement and do not require technical integration. It remotely manages entire network digital signs. It has a dashboard tool which can be used to view the status and online connectivity of players, run detailed media reports, obtain proof of play statistics. With this data, we can track and optimise the screen performance. This software can be installed and run on various industries of digital signage media players like Android, Chrome OS and windows.No requirement of servers, advanced hardware or high IT network.

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